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IPC We are What We Eat: MP1 at Green Bar

posted 18 Sept 2013, 03:13 by Unknown user   [ updated 18 Sept 2013, 08:39 by Petr Pospíšil ]
  Kitchen at  Green Bar

On September 6th, MP1 went to Green Bar to make their own healthy choices for lunch. We sneaked to the kitchen first and then children were given a chance to choose their own food. Teachers tried hard to advocate  salads, but many would still prefer pasta. Surprisingly,  children were also interested in  soup! Here are some of their choices. We would also  like to  thank  Mrs Kratochvilova for joining us for the trip and helping out. The trip  was an Entry Point to the IPC Unit of Work called 'We are What We Eat'. Entry Point is an activity for children that begins each unit of work and provides an exciting introduction to the work that is to follow.